IT Solutions for Integrated Supply Chain



Lack Of Visibility Through The Entire Supply Chain


Real Time Inventory Visibility, Increased Warehouse Accuracy And Reduced Inventory Risks Also Provides Great Visibility When It Comes To Stocks, Outstanding, Purchase Orders At The Distributor’s Or Retailer’s End.

Visibility For External Stakeholders


Lack Of Information At The Distributor’s Or Retailer’s End


CMIS Integrated With Portal At Distributor And Retailer End And Provide Them With The Software As Well Which Keeps Them Updated With The Process.

Vendor Portal Is Meant For The Interaction With Vendors Based On The Agreement Such As Terms Of Delivery Or Terms Of Payment Etc.

This Also Helps Us To Be Organized And Viable With Our Vendors In Terms Of Documentation, Information Flow And Visibility And Makes The Whole Process Of Vendor Management, Starting From Purchase Order Approval To Dispatching The Goods Seamless And Error Free.

Information Flow


Lack Of Status Information About Inventory


Integration Of ERP With CMIS Has Helped Us In Controlling The Inventory, Order Fulfilment And A Better Look At Accounts Receivables And Payable.

Artificial Intelligence


Lack Of Technological Upgradations, Making The Whole Process Slow.


Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Our Operations Like, Warehouse Operation Has Provided Us With Unparalleled Accuracy And Saved Us A Lot Of Time.



Unmaintained Warehouses With Lack Of Automation


Our State-of-the-art And Technologically Equipped Warehousing Services Are Present In Major Cities. Our Warehousing And Inventory Management Systems Help Businesses Monitor The Number Of Goods Effectively By Keeping The Inventory Levels Accurate And Consistently Meeting The Customer Demand.

Cold Chain Management


Goods Getting Hampered While Being In-transit Due To Lack Of Real Time Monitoring


Our Biggest Strength Is Our Logistics; We Have Our Cold Chain Transportation System With Real Time Monitoring Ensuring The Right Environmental Conditions Being Maintained In-transit Taking Care Of The Quality Of Goods Till They Reach The Destination.

Demand Generation


Lack Of Awareness Of Products Or Offerings Irrespective Of The Quality Of It


We Help In Demand Generation Through Data Driven Marketing Strategies Or Tactics To Create High Quality Leads That Engage With Your Brand And Eventually, Turn Into Revenue.

Technological Upgradation


Inaccuracy In Picking Of Products On The Basis Of Sales Order


We Have Our In-house Developed Picking Barcode App Which Is Integrated With CMIS And ERP And Enables Us In Being Quick And Accurate.

Data Analytics


Incapability Of Data Analysis Leading To Misinformation And Misjudgment About Product’s Performance


Our Supply Chain Being Integrated With BI Tool Software Helps Us Track Our Performance By Providing Data On Various Parameters Like Sales Comparison, Purchase Comparison, Comparison Based On Geography Or Demography.

Supply Chain Management Highlights

SCM Blockchain Integration

We integrate the advances with various SCM modules like Warehousing, SCM, and Accounting for advanced features.

Cloud Service

We include Cloud services with real-time capabilities. It is critical for other issues like product loss with their exact identification at any stage.

ERP- Integration

We include visibility which increases the speed and efficiency with this integration.

Supply Chain Management Software Integration

We develop custom resource following software that gives consistent following experience across the work area. It empowers end-users to acquire constant visibility of products with inputs from standardized tags and scanners.

We involve custom MRP Software development benefits that empower producing enterprises to automate buys and track materials.

Our Order programming development services invite requests to the board measures. We integrate and mechanize the request handling with Point of Sale Purchase and shopping basket systems.

We resolve the software issues directly from assessing cargo statements to the combination by making applications. It guarantees a smooth and productive delivery experience.

Our Mobile SCM Services give moment access to all enterprise insights and data. They enable in hurry access to essential data progressively for all store network partners.

We develop stock management solutions to achieve operational effectiveness. Our development services cover different parts of stock services, including overseeing stock capacity and setting orders.