Warehousing And Fulfilment Center Services

Many people imagine when they hear the phrase “Warehouse” that it’s a place of dusty, and dark building packed with racks upon racks of boxes.

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing products or goods for a certain amount of time, in fulfillment center warehouses. These are often used by companies to store their products before they are distributed to customers and can be used as a last-minute stop-gap if an unforeseen demand arises.

Warehousing facilities are usually owned by either a company or a provider. The company that owns the warehouse is called a Warehouse Management System (WMS). A provider works with several clients, and stores their goods in a shared warehouse. Warehousing systems can be manual or automated. Manual warehouses are operated by workers who move pallets around and take inventory regularly. Automated warehouses use machines to move pallets around and track inventory.

The warehouse is an important part of a company's supply chain. It is where raw materials are stored and distributed to the manufacturing facilities, or other warehouses for further distribution. Typically, a warehouse will take orders from its customers and send the requested products directly to them. The warehouse may also pack products in boxes or plastic wrapping for shipment to the customer.

Warehouse and Logistics Services

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Warehousing and logistics services are an essential part of the shipping process. Ensuring that a warehouse is well-organized and stocked can make a huge difference in how quickly, efficiently, and smoothly a company moves its products across the country.

In addition to organizing and stocking the warehouse, we provide many services that can help make shipping easy. We can provide temporary storage for items that you don't need at the moment but will need in the future. We also offer consolidation services that can take your shipments from large boxes to small boxes, saving you both time and money.

Warehouse and Logistics Services- The Importance of Storage

As companies continue to grow, the need for warehousing and logistics services also grows. A warehouse can serve many purposes- it can store, move, or distribute products or other items. It can also act as a showroom for customers.

When corporations grow, they may need to expand. Expansion requires buying more space, which can cost time and money. Warehouses can be expensive to build, so companies should consider purchasing already built ones. Buying an already-built warehouse is the most cost-effective option for expansion because it eliminates the cost of construction, while the seller takes the cost of repackaging and moving goods.                                                                                    

Warehousing and logistics services are a critical part of every supply chain. They allow for the storage of products and the distribution of those products to the appropriate locations.

A warehouse can also provide a buffer between the point of sale and the point of production, as well as the point of production and the point of use. In essence, warehousing and logistics services provider for the storage of commodities, the physical transfer of those commodities from one location to another, and the delivery of those commodities to customers.

So what does this involve? Warehousing and logistics services typically involve the following processes:

  • Storage
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Transport
  • Order fulfillment

Types of Warehousing

Awareness of the size of warehouse space is crucial before business owners can get a clear picture of what they need. Warehouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important to know the differences to make the best decision.

  • Smaller warehouses are assigned the capacity to store items in a limited amount of space. They are perfect for storing valuable items which need a safe place to be securely stored.
  • Medium warehouses are a little bit bigger and can store more materials. They are perfect for storing valuable or non-valuable items.
  • Larger warehouses are assigned the capacity to store items in a large amount of space. They are perfect for storing valuable items which need a safe place to be stored.

What are the types of Warehousing?

Warehousing is a major part of any supply chain. Not only does it provide storage for raw materials, but it also provides storage for finished products. There are many types of warehousing which provide specific advantages.

Here's a brief list of the various types of warehouses to consider in the supply chain!

On-Site Warehousing

This is the most common type of warehousing. It involves taking up space at a business's site so that raw materials can be stored before being used in the production process, or so that finished products can be stored before being delivered to customers. The advantage of this type of warehousing is that it is the most economical. Companies do not have to pay for space that is not being used.

Bonded Warehouses

It is a sort of storage that can keep foreign products before paying import taxes on them. When corporations lease space from the government, they are given bonds to ensure that they will not lose money when their goods are shipped.

Cold Storage Warehouse

When it relates to air temp commodities, cold storage does exactly what it says: it keeps these items at a low temperature. This is where goods such as meat and vegetables are stored.

Smart Warehouses

A smart warehouse is one in which the storage, fulfillment, and management processes are all automated using artificial intelligence. Automation can range from software solutions to drones and robots that handle operations such as loading, measuring, delivering, and warehousing items.

With 19,30,000 Area sq. Ft. Warehousing Space, we have 50 fulfillment centers spread across India.

Our State-of-the-Art Fulfilment Centers is equipped with:

  • Insulated Puf Panel construction for Optimum Ambient Environment.
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled zones for sensitive drugs.
  • EPOXY Flooring for a dust-free environment.
  • Multilayer Heavy Duty Racking System.
  • Pallet Handling Equipment- VNA trucks, Forklift trucks, Pallet trucks.
  • Barcode enabled Inventory Flow.
  • Conveyor Belts and Automated Picking/Scanning flow.
  • Strict Fire & Hazard Compliance.
  • Intelligent Camera Surveillance.