Pharmaceutical & Wellness Products
(Generic/ Branded & OTC Products)

We deliver Healthcare products at your comfort and provide assured delivery within 48 hrs. Across India.

  • Capable of handling products like Generic/ Non-Generic Medicines, Surgical Materials, OTC Products, Health drinks, Hygiene materials and Cosmetics.
  • Rich experience in handling Retail & End Consumer Dispatches.
  • Controlled Expiration with FIFO & FEFO inventory flow (First In First Out, First to Expire First Out).
  • Ensures availability of medicines at all the time.

E2SCM system comes in with the complete IT integrated system where services like tracking, on-time and accurate logistics, built to provide convenience to the end users.

Consumer Durables

Consumer Durables

Capability of handling consumer durables such as Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Television, Utensils, Kitchen Accessories and Cutlery.

  • Capability to manage ambiguous demand and supply.
  • Zero Damage Operations.
  • Milk Run Deliveries – Well planned pickups and deliveries and reduce transportation costs.
  • Capable of handling part loads with 100% POD submission on time.


  • Capability of handling products like Personal Care & Hygiene, Packaged Food, Household Products, Home Care and Stationaries.
  • Temperature Controlled Warehouses.
  • Zero expiry, Zero wastage, Zero shortage operations.
  • An efficient warehouse facility to handle multiple transactions like LIFO, FIFO and FEFO.
  • Batch wise tracking system.
  • IT Enabled Integrated system to track the product by expiry date.
  • Pest Control as per the standards.
  • 100% Strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) on Fill Rates and Order Fulfilment.
Automobile Aftermarket

Automobile Aftermarket

Automobile aftermarket is high margin (25-40%), which opens up an exceptional opportunity for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to increase their aftermarket business one of the biggest enablers for which would require a highly efficient supply chain.

We partner with our clients to expand their operations with our services that guarantee vast and faster reach, competently secured by high-end automation and technology.

  • Capable of handling Power tools, Tyres, Oils, Finished goods and Spare Parts.
  • Efficient warehousing solutions for high throughput.
  • Process wise productivity tracking.
  • Catering both; Stock transfer and Fresh material movement.
  • Material Handling Equipment facility for hefty & bulky movement.
  • Dedicated Emergency Response team to ensure safety of the warehouse.


Our End-to-end Supply Chain Solutions (E2SCM) ensures that you get hassle-free deliveries, easy returns and flexible payments. The only thing that can overcome the hurdles of the traditional supply chain are an effective and integrated logistics network that provides speedy deliveries, cost savings and accuracy.

  • E2SCM plays an important role as the services we provide are budget-friendly and superfast End-to-End logistics.
  • E-Commerce connects marketplace, warehouse pick-ups and last mile delivery tracking that caters rapidly increasing E-Commerce demands at lower costs.
Franchisee Business Solution

Franchisee Business Solution

Franchisee model is a dynamic tool business plan that leverages brand goodwill to scale newer heights of growth and customer reach. However it offers challenges in deployment owing to multi-cultural market dynamics in terms geographical reach and supplychain limitations. Ethics offers perfect solution to overcome these challenges, vide:

  • Survey for new franchisee potential area.
  • Franchisee appointment and store opening, contracting, fitout, store designing, etc.
  • Retail automation & point of sale tools & equipment .
  • Promotion & branding.
  • Material supply chain .
  • Packaging designing.
  • A-Z for franchisee business .