At Ethics Prosperity, we support diverse industries with tailored solutions, optimizing supply chains and driving growth. From manufacturing to healthcare and technology, we deliver customized services to meet specific requirements. Our commitment to excellence ensures industry-leading solutions, empowering clients to unlock their full potential and achieve operational excellence. Partner with us to experience the difference.

Driving Growth Across Diverse Sectors

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  • Leveraging AI/ML technology for accurate demand sensing and forecasting.
  • Implementing, customizing, and integrating ERP (SAP) with integrated IT solutions.
  • Utilizing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimize stock management.
  • Providing logistics services across India.
  • Enabling retail outlets with centralized and dealer point-of-sale (POS) IT solutions.
  • Consolidating comprehensive information through real-time data analysis using Business Intelligence tools (PBI/Tableau) to generate interactive dashboard reports.

Delhi Duty Free

Custom Bonded Warehouse

  • Ethics Group collaborates with DDFS as their Warehousing & Logistics Partner, optimizing the supply chain with efficient storage, handling, and logistics services to reduce lead times and enhance order accuracy, resulting in improved customer satisfaction across their outlet at Delhi International Airport Terminal-3, & other 11 stores, including duty-free, gourmet, and speciality stores, offering over 1000 brands and 55000+ products
  • As a Partner, Ethics Group brings specialized expertise, including regulatory knowledge and experience in handling specific goods, helping DDFS navigate complex logistics challenges and ensure compliance.
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Dava India


  • Utilizing AI/ML technology for accurate demand sensing and forecasting.
  • Providing logistics services throughout India.
  • Integrating and customizing ERP (Odoo) with integrated IT solutions, enabling seamless operations.
  • Empowering retail outlets with efficient IT solutions for centralized and dealer point-of-sale systems.
  • Equipping field forces with a mobile app for enhanced productivity.
  • Consolidating and analysing real-time data using Business Intelligence tools (PBI/Tableau) to generate interactive dashboard reports.
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Har Hith


  • Partnership with the Har-Hith Project: Ethics Group serves as the Warehousing, Logistics, and Distribution partner, managing warehouses in Karnal, Hisar, and Rohtak to ensure smooth distribution of Har-Hith products.
  • Operational Har-Hith Stores: Currently, 600 stores are operational, with the Ethics Group facilitating product distribution. HAICL plans to launch approximately 2,000 retail stores, including 1,500 in rural areas and 500 in urban locations, for food, personal care, and home care products.